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June 4th 2015, Thursday
  Cortical and subcortical systems in normal motor control
Ayşegül Gündüz
The sense of upright
Dominic Perennou
Pathophysiology of spasticity
Alexander Geurts
Biomecanic of gait
Mike Walsh
  Cervical dystonia
Raif Çakmur
Physiotherapy in cervical dystonia
Jean Pierre Bleton
Botulinum Toxin-A (BoNT-A)'s patterns of use and clinical practices in cervical dystonia?
Savary OM
Evidence of a long lasting and comprehensive systematic approach in the treatment of Complex Postural Attitudes (CPA) in spastic-dystonic tetraplegia secondary to traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Maurizio Falso
Botulinum Toxin-A (BoNT-A) is used to treat upper limb muscles of adults with spasticity participating in a Phase III randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study
Philippe Picault
Botulinum toxin therapy: New treatment algorithms
Dirk Dressler
Clinical decision making

Antoine Nebout Javal
  Why gait analysis is valuable and how it can be done effectively
Mike Walsh
How much confidence to do to biomechanical measures in neurological disorders during gait
Olivier Remy Neris
The use of gait analysis in the targeting of focal spasmolysis in patients with stroke and with hereditary spastic paraplegia
Alexander Geurts
Assesing postural disorders after stroke
Dominic Perennou
  Gait Abnormalities in neuro muscular diseases
Yeşim Parman
Surgical Treatment of Neuromuscular Foot Deformities
Tahir Öğüt
Balance in patients with ataxic neuropathies: Evaluation and short term effects of a training program
Philippe Thoumie
  Update on the effect and Indications of drug treatments
Bertrand Degos
Activating therapy for patients with PD: Paradigm shift from add-on therapy to the prevention of disability?
Urban Fietzek
Parkinsons Disease and future perspective
Dirk Dressler
Rehabilitation in parkinson disease
Jean Pierre Bleton
Corticospinal excitability in parkinson's disease and other parkinsonisms
Ayşegül Gündüz
How can we reduce ON freezing of gait in patients with PD?
Urban Fietzek
  The effect of robotic gait training on balance in stroke patients
Ipek Yeldan
Proposal of an observational evaluation model to describe video-surface electromyographic muscle patterns in an individualized rehabilitation treatment of patients with severe acquired brain injury
Maurizio Falso
Gait data measures via an inertial sensor-based system reveal differences between fully ambulatory multiple sclerosis patients and healthy controls
George Marinakis
Effects of early rehabilitation treatment and surgery on equino-varus foot deformity: Analysis of stroke patient walking dynamics using a tri-axial accelerometer
Erika Giannotti
Validation of the 9x2 inertial sensor for ambulatory detection of motor fluctuations in parkinson's disease
Alejandro Rodríguez Molinero
Development of an educational software for observational gait analysis in physical therapy
Kerstin Lampel

Neuroprosthetic technologies
to improve locomotion after spinal cord injury

Gregoire Courtine

June 5th 2015, Friday
  Abnormal gait patterns after stroke
Guneş Yavuzer
Gait rehabilitation after stroke and the added value of surface-based and implantable functional electrical stimulation
Alexander Geurts
Orthopeadic surgery for hemiplegia, functional surgery in stiff knee after stroke
Paolo Zerbinati
Advanced technologies for mobility after stroke
Klemens Fheodoroff
  What is CP
Sinan Çomu
Gait abnormalities in CP
Anand Nene
Lower Limb orthoses in CP
Marcin Bonikowski
Lower limb surgery in CP and gait I
Paolo Zerbinati
Lower limb surgery in CP and gait II
Muharrem İnan
Locomotor training in CP
Sebastian Schröder
  Early prediction of functional outcome in stroke patients
Hartwig Woldag
Is early rehabilitation an effective component of organized stroke unit care in motor recovery? What is the evidence?
Yakup Krespi
Can functional electrical stimulation of the hamstring muscles improve knee kinematics of stroke survivors walking with stiff knee gait?
Martin Tenniglo
Effects of surgery and early rehabilitation treatment (ERT) on equino-varus foot deformity (EVFD): Changes in dorsiflexion and space-time parameters during gait at 1 month after surgery
Erika Giannotti
Integrated Approach For The Rehabilitation of Gait And Balance in Severe Brain Injury
Giorggio Maggioni
  Multiple sclerosis and related disorders - When and how they effect gait!
Melih Tütüncü
Balance and equilibrium in multiple sclerosis: Evaluation and rehabilitation
Philippe Thoumie
Correlations between gait parameters and strength impairment in multiple sclerosis
Philippe Thoumie
Drug treatments in MSA brief update on preventive and symptomatic treatments of multiple sclerosis
Aksel Siva
Fatigue and rehabilitation in MS
Yeşim Alaçamlıoğlu
Our experience with dalfampiridine in hereditary spastic paraparesis: A new symptomatic alternative?
Uğur Uygunoğlu
June 6th 2015, Saturday
  Syringomelia after SCI and management
Fabrice Parker
Spinal cord tumours and motor recovery
Fabrice Parker
Locomotor training after SCI
Anand Nene
Motor recovery prognosis in SCI
Belgin Erhan
ITB treatment in spasticity
Murat Hancı
  Effect of botulinum toxin-A injections on functional gait related activities in stroke patients
Berrin Gündüz
Analysing the patient journey for patients living with spastic paresis
Klemens Fheodoroff
Effects of self-rehabilitation contracts combined with repeated botulinum toxin injections on walking speed in chronic hemiparesis. A prospective open-label study
Salem Alkandari
Findings from an international survey on patients with spasticity
Jovita Balcaitiene
The effect of post stroke fatigue on functional status and quality of life of ischemic stroke patients
Meltem Vural
Gait disturbance in manganese/ephedron encephalopathy- video presentation
Katarzyna Marianska
Excellence Network®: an International medical educational network to improve current practice for cervical dystonia and spasticity patient management
Klemens Fheodoroff
  Lower limb orthoses in neurology
Kamil Yazıcıoğlu
Perceptive and rehabilitative value of a new and innovative concept of lower limb orthosis with a reciprocant and dynamic system ankle joint called Neuroswing,
Maurizio Falso
Exoskeleton Technology in Rehabilitation
Clare Hartigan
  Gait patterns, and the changes of muscle following botulinum toxin injection,
Tsai Sen Wei
How to measure body equilibrium during gait analysis in CP children?
Olivier Remi Neris
Relationships between baseline levels of gross motor classification and paediatric quality of life in children with cerebral palsy with dynamic equinus deformity
Nigar Dursun